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Understanding Personal and Business Credit

When it comes to understanding Personal and Business Credit many consumers are at a disadvantage. All we really know is there are at least 3 credit reporting agencies who decide whether we get approved or not on major purchases, such as buying a house or a car; AND credit cards and lines of credit.

  • But, did you know the information provided by credit bureaus can also influence how much we pay for interest, insurance, mortgages, car loans, and more…

  • Some Jobs actually base their decision to hire on the person’s credit score!

  • Scarier still, is the fact that being approved for renting a place to live is also based on our credit score!!

That’s right, our credit score, not our income is the driving factor in our ability to work and live a good life! So, we at Generational Wealth Empowerment Network have made it our mission to equip our members with a "Better" understand of the Credit Industry. But more importantly we are teaching members how to use the Credit Industry to their advantage.

Please get your "FREE" guides on building both Personal Credit and Business Credit on the following pages!

Good Credit =
Lower Payments + Access to More Opportunities

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