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Meet Our Business Partners

gwen tax office.jpg
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Gwen is the Founder of Generational Wealth Empowerment Network. She has 30 years experience helping people become business owners and homeowners. Through the "Source of Wealth Academy" Gwen has helped thousands of people break free from debt and poverty and she is seeing the affects into the 3rd generation

gerald higginbotham captain g.jpg

Dr. Gerald "Captain G" Higginbotham

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Captain Gerald Higginbotham have helped train people and deliver people to the "Wealthy Place" for over 15 years with the "Captain's Millionaire Training Leadership Development" program. Captain G also is one of the Founders of the "GoldCoin" Cryptocurrency. Captain G is on a mission to help create 1 Million, Millionaires! Thank you for being onboard with us "G"!

natash broken wings.jpg

Natasha "Boss lady" Harris

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Boss Lady is the CEO of "Broken Wings Literacy" non-profit organization. Natasha work with individuals and organization tp help them form their 501c3 non-profits. Natasha also help organizations locate, apply for, and qualify for 6 and 7 figure Grants!! We are so very honored to have "Boss Lady" on our Team!!

wesley virgin with jeep.jpg
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7 years ago Wesley started his online marketing business. In his 1st year he made $1 Million Dollars! Wesley has gone on to make well over $30 Million Dollars in his Online Marketing Business! Generational Empowerment Network Is Proud to offer Wesley's training on our Platform!

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Seandaveah represent an organization called The Wealth Builders and she excels in Forex Trading, making over $30,000 her 1st month! She's Crushing the Credit Repair game, clearing over $140,000 in Collections in 1 week! She is also helping students make Thousands of dollars in Drop Shipping! Generational Wealth Empowerment Network is Proud to have Seandaveah on our Team!!

calvin martyr mastermind.jpg

Calvin "Master Mind" Martyrs

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Calvin is indeed the "Master Mind" of Marketing! In 2020 Calvin created a Facebook Group "The Blackout Coalition" which quickly "3 months" grew to 1.8 Million Members! Calvin have demonstrated his superior skills and knowledge in the Marketing arena by helping members make Thousands of dollars via his Facebook group platform! We are excited to offer Calvin's Marketing program on our Platform!

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