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Is a Lack of Money Stopping You from Building Generational Wealth?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Lately, I have been hearing and reading about the need for our people to start building generational wealth. This is a term that until recently was not talked about in our communities, schools, or even in many of our homes. Now that we understand the necessity to start building generational wealth many people realize that this is simply the right thing for us to start doing.

When we look at the wealth disparities between the different races in America, we can easily see the advantages building generational wealth has given nationalities who practice it. The most famous example of massive amounts being passed on from one generation to future generations can be seen in the Rockefeller blood line. The Rockefeller fortune is now in the fifth generation and shows no signs of running out anytime soon.

Generational Wealth does not have to be as massive as the Rockefeller’s. We can see the advantages afforded to those who are beneficiaries of generational wealth in everyday examples. Not having to foot the bill for many major life expenses such as going to college without loans, buying a car without getting financing, having access to funds for business startup, or even purchasing a first home without getting a mortgage. Many ordinary families have built generational wealth that allows their children and even their grandchildren the above luxuries.

The practice of building generational wealth is so old, it is even mentioned in the bible which states, “A good man leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren” (Proverbs 13:22).

So, if this practice is so old and so important why have our people not practiced it? Well for generations our ancestors did leave inheritances in the form of land, houses, and businesses to their children. Unfortunately, many of their grandchildren never received the benefits of these inheritances because land was sold, family homes not maintained, and family businesses abandoned. The truth is our grandparents did not talk about it, they just did it!

Many people ages 79 to 49 never truly understood the value of those inheritances. They were too busy carving out their own way in the world. Too busy trying to build their own legacies. They abandoned the farms for city life. They got caught in wanting the fancy cars, the big houses, and the important jobs. Sadly, because they did not understand the purpose and the power of building generational wealth several generations have been left with outrageous student loan debt.

We find that many of those lucky enough to build some individual wealth are now saddled with 30-year mortgages and loans on cars that depreciate faster than they can be paid off. As housing, food, taxes, utilities, and other cost of living staples have increased in price many people are left unable to retire by the ages of 65 to 70 years old. Worse still, because we have not understood the purpose and power of building generational wealth, we have squandered our children’s inheritances, for several generations. Leaving them to fend for themselves.

We are left hoping the government will take care of us, having nothing to pass on to our children, let alone our grandchildren. With this state of affairs, we are left asking the question is a lack of money stopping you from building Generational Wealth or is it a lack of knowledge? Until recently I believe it was both. But now that we are beginning to understand the importance of building generational wealth, we are faced with the obstacle of not having the financial means to begin. We are so busy trying to survive we are left unable to thrive! That is why the Generational Wealth Empowerment Network have made the commitment to help increase our members base income.

Each month we will be posting information about businesses and job opportunities so that those who desire to come together and begin building individual and collective wealth will have the necessary funds, to do so. By building collective wealth that will continue to grow and provide funding for us, our children, our grandchildren, and hopefully our great grandchildren. Now that we have the knowledge of the methods that the Rockefeller’s used to build generational wealth, we are well able to do the same.

We have the knowledge and thanks to the jobs and business opportunities we will be presenting, every member will have the money to participate in building generational wealth! Welcome to the Generational Wealth Empowerment Network. Let us begin doing what other nationalities have been doing for centuries! Get more information about our organization by visiting

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