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Many men and women are searching all over to find their life partner, their better half, their soul mate.


Some have waited, prayed, and believed for years. Some have begged God to send someone to take away the loneliness that threatens to swallow them up!


Some of you may have even become discouraged. For many, your daily prayer is a cry straight from the heart, that only God can hear!! Father, send me a husband or Father, send me a wife!


If this has been your heart’s cry, please do not lose hope! We are here to tell you not to give up, for God hears your prayers and You Will Marry!

You Will Marry Prayers, Principles, and Scriptures to Help Attract Your Soulmate

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  • Did you know that there is a God inspired purpose for Marriasge?

    Did you know that there are scriptures and principles that govern, instruct, and protect Marriage?

    This "Anointed" E-Book contains guidance on getting prepared for your soulmate.

    It reveals the "TYPE" of prayers, you should be praying and information about what you should be doing while you pray and wait!

    The information will help you work on YOU so that YOU will be Ready when God unite you with your soulmate!

    With this powerful information you will be Ready and Able to love and treat your soulmate, Right!

    Love Conquers All.. and with this new found knowledge, we have NO doubts that, "You Will Marry"

  • Non-Refundable

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